It’s not a real holiday unless you get your passport stamped!


Know whenever you cross a border

Image showing a traveller on a train receiving a border-crossing notification

Get instant notifications whenever you cross a border!

Notifications work with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Of course, you can choose to turn them off at any time (but where’s the fun in that)

States, Counties, Prefectures, etc

Image of stamps for Scotland, Texas and Bavaria

As well as giving you stamps when you travel internationally, BorderStamp also has custom-designed stamps for whenever you cross state lines!

Available as in-App purchases for:

  • Australian states
  • Chinese provinces
  • Dutch provinces
  • French states
  • German states
  • Irish counties
  • Japanese prefectures
  • UK nations & counties
  • USA states
  • No roaming charges!

    Image showing a border-crossing notification on an iPhone without a data connection

    We know data roaming charges can be very expensive when you travel.

    So we’ve built in our own custom, extensive location database so BorderStamp can figure out where you are, anywhere in the world, at any time, whether you have an internet connection or not.

    BorderStamp works even when you don’t have a data connection, so it never racks up data charges while you travel

    What about places I’ve already visited?

    Image showing a photo from the FIFA World Cup in Berlin in 2006 generating a stamp for Germany

    BorderStamp can look at the metadata from your photos and figure out which places you’ve already visited, and can give you stamps for them too!

    For example, if you went to Berlin in 2006 for the FIFA World Cup and took photos while you were there, BorderStamp can tell that from your photos’ metadata and give you the appropriate stamps. The same goes for any other place you’ve visited, just as long as you took photos while you were there!

    We’re not looking at where you’ve been

    Image of a blindfolded person

    Private information such as your whereabouts should stay private.

    No location information ever leaves your device. We do not collect, store, sell, or even know where you’ve been (and we don’t want to). All your information remains on your device and private to you.

    If you let BorderStamp analyse your photos’ metadata, your photos never leave your device.

    Everybody wants a souvenir of where they’ve been

    Image showing personalised T-shirts and souvenir passport

    BorderStamp lets you purchase individualised souvenirs from the places you’ve been, such as souvenir passport with all your stamps in it, “concert tour”-style T-shirts, and more…